Czar’ak/Behr’ak Bowling 2016

Flahertys bowlMembers of the USS Czar’ak and USS Behr’ak held our annual bowling challenge at Flaherty’s Arden Bowl. We had a good turn out with 13 members and 10 bowlers.  We all had a really good time.

After bowling we had a meal at Flaherty’s Pub & Grill where we announced the results of our bowling

Best Game – 163 Steve (B) (Series High Score: 427)

Worst Score – 61 Ray (C)

Gutter Balls – 12 Tom (VB)

Strikes  – 8 Keith (B)

Spares – 15 Peggie (C)

Splits – 8 Doug (B)


USS Behr’ak three-game average of 319.4 (1592 total pins)

USS Czar’ak three-game average of 336.2 (1681 total pins)

Click here to see some photos from the event: