STARFLEET Virtual International Conference 2023,  August 11 – 13, 2023

Starfleet International Virutal Conference

Members of the USS Czar’ak and USS Imperium attended this year’s STARFLEET VIC 2023,  Minneapolis, MN


The 2023 Virtual International Conference is being brought to you by volunteers from throughout the fleet. This is a diverse group, all working in collaborative teams. Each individual brings a unique skill set as we are working towards creating a multi-day event with many components.

If you are interested, please join our planning team! We will also be looking for volunteers to serve as moderators on the weekend of the event.

If you have a question about our virtual space in Gather.Town and have already read the FAQ on the Gather page here on the website you can contact our Gather.Town admin by email at

Commodore Erin Poole, R1, USS Sandwich (VIC Chair)
Vice Admiral Jayden Tyronian, R10, USS Atlantis (VIC Chair)
Fleet Captain Randy Mitson, R13, USS Renaissance
Captain Chris P ChickenSandwich, R1, USS Sandwich
Fleet Captain Lynn Harper, R13, USS Renaissance
Commodore Ken Kopacki, R3, USS Battle Born
General Ed Tunis, R3, USS Corsair
Vice Admiral Trish Tunis, R3, USS Corsair
Captain Gregg Kleiner, R3, USS Corsair
Captain Gerhard Pretorius, R8, ISS Charlton Station (DS8)
Rear Admiral Caroline Signol, R9, USS Versailles
Fleet Captain Ivar Bardie, R9, ISS Christiaan Huygens
Lieutenant Commander Tiffany Sobczak, R1, USS Constellation
Fleet Captain John Hardy, R20, USS Essex
Admiral Mark Anderson, R2, USS Victorious
Captain Michael Rosen, R15, USS Nathan Hale
Captain Meg Karper, R5, USS Marie Curie
Commander Alicia Muhammad PhD, R1, USS Freedom
Captain Stephen Hebbend-Bach, R5, USS Marie Curie
Commander Andrew Reist, R10, USS Atlantis
Ensign Ann Marie Norris, R2, USS Haise
Major General Jeremy Carsten, R3, USS Battle Born
Admiral Jerry Tien, R2, USS Eagle
Commander Sean Duerr, R2, USS Russell Camp III