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Any Starfleet event, on a National or Regional level, Example Starfleet IC, Regional Summit inside or outside of the Region.


STARFLEET Virtual International Conference 2023,  August 11 – 13, 2023 Members of the USS Czar’ak and USS Imperium attended this year’s STARFLEET VIC 2023,  Minneapolis, MN   MEET THE VIC COMMITTEE The 2023 Virtual International Conference is being brought to you by volunteers from throughout the fleet. This is a diverse group, all working in collaborative teams. …

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STARFLEET Virtual International Conference 2022

Starfleet Virtural IC 2022 smaller logo

JOIN US TODAY Join all of STARFLEET on Friday, Aug 12th, and Saturday, Aug 13th for 2022 Virtual International Conference.  

STARFLET International Conference 2019

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  STARFLEET IC 2019, St. Louis MO, August 2-4, 2019 Members of the USS Czar’ak, USS Imperium, and USS Wisconsin attended this year’s Starfleet IC 2019,  St. Louis, MO There are Pictures of Starfleet IC are at


STARFLEET International Conference 2018, Bloomington, MN, August 10-12, 2018   Members of the USS Czar’ak, USS Dakota, USS Imperium,USS Thunderchild,USS Wisconsin attended this year’s STARFLEET IC2018,  Bloomington, MN There are Pictures of STARFLEET IC2018 are at: There are also pictures from the Con at: Starfleet’s Main Flickr group is here:  

Region 3 Summit 2018

Region3 Summit's Holo Deck Image

Members of the USS Czar’ak attended this year’s Region 3 Summit 2018,  Irving, Texas There are Pictures of Region 3 Summit are at

Imagicon 2018

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  Members of the USS Dakota and USS Imperium and USS Wisconson attended this year’s Imagicon 2018,  Minot, ND There are Pictures of Imagicon are at